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Do you have multiple lost permanent teeth? Are you looking for a way to secure your removable denture? Dr. Jennifer Kalochie and her professional dental team can help.

Dentures are one of the best options to restore a smile. Dr. Kalochie provides full and partial dentures to her Yardley, PA, dental office.

Partial dentures restore rows of missing teeth, while full or complete dentures restore upper or lower arches of lost teeth. Dr. Kalochie can also help patients who want to secure their removable dentures.

Dentures and partials are restorative dentistry procedures that Dr. Kalochie offers to the public.

Full and Partial Dentures in Yardley, Pennsylvania

Types of Dental Bridges in Yardley, PA

Dr. Kalochie works with dental laboratories and specialists to create custom-made dentures for her patients. There are several common types of dentures to choose from, including:

Partial Dentures

Similar to dental bridges, partial dentures are used to replace consecutive missing teeth. However, unlike dental bridges, a partial denture can replace rows of lost teeth in different areas of the mouth. Removable partials are constructed from acrylic and metal.

The false acrylic teeth are held in place by metal secured around adjacent natural teeth. Although removable partials are a quick way to replace missing teeth, they do not fully support the health of the teeth or gums.

Full Dentures

If you are missing an upper or lower arch of teeth, full dentures are the right option for you. Traditional complete dentures are removable. Removable dentures are made of false acrylic teeth that are adhesive.

However, this adhesive can be messy and doesn’t fully secure the bite. Patients with complete removable dentures may also have dietary restrictions against hard, sticky, or crunchy foods.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are the most secure option for patients who want dentures. Implants are titanium screws that replace teeth at the socket. Dr. Kalochie works with specialists who determine how many implants can be used to support your denture.

Additionally, digital X-rays and mouth scans help dentists plan out where to place the implants for the most secure denture possible.

Restore Your Missing Teeth

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