Everything to Know About the Process for Dental Implants

Getting an implant can seem like an overwhelming process. And because everyone is different, there are plenty of steps that you may or may not need, depending on the specifics of your case. When you get dental implants in Yardley, PA, your dentist will tell you what specific procedures to expect. But the more you know about the dental implant process ahead of time, the more confident you’ll feel in seeking treatment.

DENTAL IMPLANTS in YARDLEY, PA, are a great restorative option for missing teeth

How Dental Implants in Yardley, PA, Work

The dental implant process will vary slightly for each patient. While the general process is the same for everyone, there are some preparation steps that may or may not be included. These additional steps are mainly based on the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw before beginning treatment.

Preparation Phase

Before your implant is surgically placed, your dentist will need to make sure that your mouth and jaw are ready. Implants are designed to mimic the natural structure of your tooth, and you’ll need healthy gums and a strong jaw to support them. During the preparation phase, your dentist may need to perform the following additional treatments to ensure a successful placement:

  • Tooth Extraction – for patients who have not yet lost a tooth but have extensive cases of decay, disease, or damage
  • Periodontal Treatment – for patients who have gum disease
  • Bone Grafting – for patients who have suffered loss of bone density in the jaw

These additional steps prior to an implant can help ensure your mouth is healthy enough for successful treatment.


Once your mouth is ready, your dentist will coordinate with a local oral surgeon to set up your placement. Getting an implant is a surgical procedure, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Many oral surgeons offer anesthesia that can help calm and sedate you during the procedure. If you have an extensive case requiring multiple implants, you may be put to sleep to help ensure a comfortable experience during the process.


After you get the implant placed, you’ll need time to heal and allow the material to integrate into your jaw. This process can take anywhere from three to six months, but it’s crucial that you give your jaw enough time to heal before restoration work is continued.


Once your jaw is healed and the implant is secure, your dentist will then fabricate a restoration to finish treatment. For most cases of a single implant, your dentist will create a dental crown. For multiple implants, your dentist will likely recommend a bridge or implant-secured denture. Regardless of which treatment option you choose, once the restoration has been applied, the implant process is complete, and you are ready to smile with confidence once more.

If you’re missing a tooth or need an extraction, Dr. Jennifer Kalochie is here to help. Call our office today at 267.592.3552 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the dental implant process. After examining your bite, Dr. Kalochie can determine if a dental implant is right for you.