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Providing exceptional dental care involves more than just being a skilled dentist. The technology used by your dentist will have a significant impact on the outcome of your procedure. Dr. Kalochie understands that in order to deliver the high quality dental care you deserve, it is important to invest in cutting edge technology that will ensure your treatments are completed in the safest and most precise manner possible.

We dedicate a significant amount of time each month to investigating and considering new innovations that might improve your experience and your results. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve in order to deliver the consistently exceptional quality service you expect and deserve. The following technologies demonstrate our commitment to your oral health needs:

Digital X-rays appear immediately on a computer screen and can be enhanced and enlarged to aid in diagnosis. Patients can easily see what Dr. Kalochie sees, which aids in understanding and treatment discussions. They are also considered safer due to low radiation exposure rates.

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Tekscan, uses computer sensors to measure the force of your bite. It is used along with the “carbon paper” which marks your bite to ensure optimal comfort and protection for your new restoration.

Our Intraoral camera reaches inside the mouth like a dental mirror to take pictures that are instantly projected onto a computer monitor. Now you can easily see what Dr. Kalochie sees, and the clear, precise images help her detect small cracks that would not be visible otherwise.

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Laser therapy uses a narrow, intense beam of light to minimize bacteria and disinfect gum pockets as a part of periodontal treatment. Laser technology allows this process to be done much more comfortably than with hand-held instruments, and most patients will not need local anesthetic. The laser can also be used to reshape the gum tissue during porcelain veneer placement.

Electric handpieces run faster and smoother with less noise than conventional air-driven dental drills.

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Single Tooth Anesthesia, or STA, uses a computerized injection of local anesthesia. This comfortable delivery system looks more like a ballpoint pen than a needle and allows Dr. Kalochie to numb just one tooth at a time, eliminating the typical “frozen face” side effect associated with more traditional anesthesia methods.

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DIAGNOdent is a laser-scanning mechanism that lets Dr. Kalochie see beyond the scope of X-rays to detect microscopic evidence of decay below tooth surfaces. This technology is crucial in detecting cavities early, before they have a chance to harm tooth structure.

Velscope – Every patient receives an oral cancer screening at check up appointments which is done visually by the hygienist and Dr. Kalochie. In addition to the visual exam, Velscope is a tool that uses a blue excitation light which will illuminate precancerous and cancerous lesions that may otherwise go undetected by the naked eye.


Dr. Kalochie has worked hard to design an office environment that pays careful attention to the finer details of your experience in order to ensure that you receive a much-needed respite from your hectic daily routine. Our spa-like atmosphere will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. When you spend time in our dental practice, you can take advantage of simple pleasures like refreshments and snacks from our coffee bar and cable TV while you wait.

During treatment, hot towels, pillows and blankets, video goggles showing your favorite movies, and other amenities make for a delightful visit. The soothing sound of our water fountain flowing in the background will help put you at ease throughout your procedure.

Please contact our advanced dental office today to schedule your initial evaluation. Dr. Jennifer Kalochie serves patients in Yardley, Newtown, and throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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